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  • Promote the development of the large yacht segment in Brazil, supporting its members in the communication with other owners, professionals, service providers, and authorities.


  • Spread the large yacht culture and provide tools to segregate commercial vessels from leisure yachts, raising awareness to the advantages of the development of yachting in Brazil to the internal markets such as tourism, industrial and others.


  • Take an active role in raising the professional standards and transparency in the activities related to the large yacht industry in the country.

  • Encourage the contact between yachting industry professionals, promoting the discussion of subjects of interest to the members of the association and promote special access to fairs and events, both national and international.

  • Recognize its associates, individual and companies, that have contributed with their expertise, leadership and dedication to increase quality and ethical standards of the industry in Brazil.


  • Promote international educational programs and relationships through informal social events, forums, workshops and round tables.


  • Promote Brazil to foreign owners, captains and other interested parties abroad as a destination for large yacht cruising.







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