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Associate Categories:


I – Senior Associates:  Brazilian or Foreign Individuals that may have participated in the constitution of the Association or that have contributed in a relevant manner to its development. Entitled to vote and to be candidates to the board of directors. 



II - Individual Associates: Brazilian or Foreign Individuals that are actively involved in the industry or that interested in it. Entitled to vote and to be candidates to the board of directors. 


III - Corporate Associates: Brazilian or Foreign Companies that are actively involved in the Superyacht Industry or correlated segments.


Must appoint a representative in order to vote, who will be able to be candidate to the board of directors.



IV – Honorary Associates: Brazilian or Foreign Indivudals, with good references and reputation within the yachting industry.


      May not vote nor be candidates to board of directors.



Rules to become an associate:


Shall be considered potential members of the association, persons or companies with proven record in the yachting industry or interest in the industry and that fits under at least one of the forementioned categories.


The number of associates is unlimited, and any person or company may join, as long as they satisfy the conditions shown here.


A Senior Associate shal be admitted when presented by at least 2 members who are already associates under that category as as fulfil the following conditions:


(i) work and contribute to the development of the industry for at least 3 years


(ii) have strategic vision and/or proven knowledge to help implement and sustain the objectives of the association, being considered an active participant in the industry, shown by practical experience and direct involvement in the activities promoted by the association.


(iii) have availability to be directly involved in the matters related to the maintenance of the association.



Anual Fees for Members:



  • Individual                                                  R$ 500,00


  • Senior                                                         R$ 500,00


  • Corporate               1 Employee                  R$ 500,00

                                      2-5  Employees            R$ 1250,00

                                      6-10 Employees           R$ 2500,00

                                      11-50 Employees         R$ 5000,00

                                      51+ Employees            R$ 10000,00



  • Honorary Associates            Exempt


  • Other Associations               At Board of Director´s discretion


  • Sponsorship and Donations   At Sponsor/Donor´s and Board of Director´s discretion



Amounts show in Brazilian Reais - exchange rate approx. 2,50 R$/USD - and applied from January to December and charged pro-rata in the first year.




Please email for more information on how to become a member and associate benefits.



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